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Texas Egg Donor Program

Thank you for your interest in our egg donor program in Texas. Whether you are an intended parent or possible egg donor, The Donor SOURCE offers the most optimal conditions for egg donation throughout Texas. We are firmly committed to providing compassionate, skillful care.

Texas Egg Donors, Texas Egg DonationAs a national egg donation organization, with a strong local presence in Texas, The Donor SOURCE provides the rare combination of personalized, local care while still having one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive pools of egg donors available. For intended parents, this offers the advantage of having a local case manager and access to an extensive database of potential donors. For Texas egg donors, the benefits are receiving comprehensive care with less travel.

All of our egg donors are carefully screened and informed of their responsibilities and obligations as an egg donor. The donors who choose to participate in our local Texas egg donation program are personally interviewed and educated on the medical and legal requirements for this commitment before they proceed. There are important factors to consider for all parties concerned, and it is our role to address any concerns and make their possible conclusions as clear as possible.

This is a wonderful process and those who choose to take part in it contribute to countless happy endings; however getting started can be daunting. Please know that we are here to answer any questions you may have about egg donation, and more importantly, to listen.

Search Our Donor Database
We have helped many parents in Texas interested in egg donation find a local donor. Currently we have a diverse selection of Texas egg donors available from a variety of backgrounds. With over 1200 candidates in our database, our Texas egg donation program can match you with a donor that meets your personal and medical needs. Search our database to find the right donor for your family and get one step closer to having a child of your own.

Thank you for your kind interest.


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Tricia Howard
Director of Operations
Regional and International
877.375.8888 ext 254
Arika Avedano-Tucker
Senior Case Manager
Regional and International
877.375.8888 ext 251

Tricia Howard, our Director of Operations - Regional and International, has extensive knowledge in egg donation and the surrogacy process. With her had personal experience as a surrogate mother and an egg donor, Tricia wanted to continue her dream of helping people experience the joys of parenthood. Tricia states, “I believe everyone should have the chance to fulfill their dreams of having a family. I am excited to guide everyone through their journey and help create the pathways to parenthood.” This, combined with her dedication and emotional connection to each client, ensures that each client understands and feels complete support throughout their endeavor. Ultimately, Tricia feels it is a privilege to work in the business of helping dreams comes true.

Phoenix Egg Donation Case Manager

Arika Avedano-Tucker, our Senior Case Manager - Regional and International, has 10 years of experience in the third-party reproductive field. She has experience assisting ovum donors, gestational surrogates and intended parents in all capacities of the egg donation and surrogacy process. Arika's exceptional communication skills and commitment to professionalism guide our clients through the remarkable experience of third party reproduction with compassion and efficiency. Arika feels privileged to assist in the beautiful process of building a family.


Tricia and Arika help egg donors and intended parents in International Locations and Regionally, including: Miami (FL), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), & Texas (TX).

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Total Egg Donors 936
Texas Egg Donors 167
New Egg Donors 27
Repeat Egg Donors 226
Asian Egg Donors 40
Black Egg Donors 164
East Indian Egg Donors 6
Hispanic Egg Donors 212
Jewish Egg Donors 72
Middle Eastern Donors 7
Caucasian Egg Donors 644
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